How Online Learning Increases Information Retention.

Retaining Information with Online Learning

According to’s Infographic, eLearning has the power to increase information retention by up to 60%. eLearning allows you to access information from anywhere you have technology.

Here are a few things to look for when you are looking into online learning options:


A structured platform is important to keep you on course. Look for an online solution that allows you to login with a personal I.D. to access a series of materials. Take Youtube as an example, you can find plenty of great content, but limited structure can prevent you from getting the best learning experience. You wouldn’t learn in a classroom setting with no curriculum, the same should go for online learning. Structure and a path to completion is important for retaining information


Achievements are important to give you something to strive for. A certification at the end of the program would be an example of an achievement to keep you motivated. Engagement is key. Online learning requires a lot of self-motivation. Look for ways the program will keep you engaged. Bonus material for completing certain sections, or getting extra benefits for completing a certain amount of hours are all examples of achievements to keep you engaged.


Any personal development solution is best when you have a partner. Look for an online program that allows you to interact with another user or a teacher. This will prevent you from interpreting and learning incorrectly. A professional athlete never gets to where they are without a coach and a brilliant students needs a teacher to cultivate their learning. The same goes for online learners. You can only make it so far on your own.


We promote both physical wellness and mental health with the benefits of martial arts via our innovative e-learning system. integrates a comprehensive study program including an extensive library of videos, access to a mentor/sensei for feedback, and an online belt testing program. We aim to help our users to develop confidence, respect, and discipline through martial arts.

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Three Ways to Improve your Online Learning Or Home school Experience!

Improve Online Learning and Homeschooling with

Online learning and Homeschooling empowers you to control the learning experience. This can be great if you have a great learning program, or challenging if you are not setup for success.

Here are three ways to improve the online learning and home school experience:


A learning experience is best when students are engaged. When homeschooling, engage students with open-ended questions. Open-ended questions require students to participate and also help them to find answers on their own. This approach is much more effective than overwhelming them with loads of information. If you are learning online as an independent learner, look for a learning platform that allows you to interact. Is there someone you can call or message for questions? Two-way communications is important. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A curious mind makes a smarter person!

Take It to The Big Screen

If you are using technology connect your tablet, phone, or computer to a TV via an adapter to enhance the learning experience. This is especially important when you are doing a program that requires you to follow along. Take for example online martial arts, fitness, cooking, etc. How much easier would it be to follow along on a bigger screen? Most TVs have an HDMI port for you to connect your devices to the TV via an adapter directly. There are even wireless options like the Apple TV and Google Chomecast which do not require the cable.The bigger screen is also great for homeschooled students who can participate in an online P.E. option for online learning.


Having the ability to replay online content until you get it right is one of the biggest advantages to learning online. Take time to get the details and replay information if you are not retaining it. Write down quick notes on paper or in your technology. For many, this helps in remembering when you take the extra step to write what you learn.

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Reinvent Yourself in 2015 with Martial Arts

Improve Health with Online Martial Arts

You have the potential to have your best year ever. If you could take better care of yourself in 2015, how would you do it?

Here are a three ways martial arts can reinvent you in 2015:

Improve Physical Health:                                                                                                   Martial Arts consists of both learning techniques and conditioning. Physical health is improved when you consistently practice your techniques. Martial Arts does not require a lot of gear. You can start with just you and your commitment to learn. Try switching up the routine by learning a variety of attacks and blocks. Higher Diagonal Strike, Knife Hand Strike, Side Strike, Knife Hand Block, Dropping Block, Thrusting Side Kick, and Side Kick Low are a few of the many options you can look into at

Improve Your Mind:                                                                                                   Martial Arts incorporates choreographed routines that require you to think. Your mind is constantly engaged because you are focusing on executing with correct form. Not only do you build memory by memorizing the routines, you are constantly thinking about how to execute them correctly with precision.

See this video of Rika Usami performing a Kata with perfect precision:

Build Character:                                                                                                                   Character defines an individual. If you have a strong character, you are resilient to obstacles and also understand that progress only comes with sacrifice. Many people abandon their new years goals because they are not willing to sacrifice the time and effort to take better care of themselves. Think about why you would like to change and how much better you life can be and what you are willing to sacrifice to have the best year ever!

Here is to 2015 being your best year yet!

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Healthy Traveling with Martial Arts

Online Martial Arts while Traveling

Do you fret going on business trips or vacations knowing that you will not be able to maintain healthy habits and likely put on a few extra pounds?  Jet lag, eating too often, and not exercising will do it!

Here are a few ways to stay healthy while traveling:

Explore Unfamiliar Settings 

Exercising in an unfamiliar setting keeps the mind engaged in exploring the area rather than the hard work you are putting in. Do you find it surprising you can run so much further outside than on a treadmill? Try running or working out in a public/safe area and get to know some notable landmarks. Additionally, walk whenever you have the opportunity instead of driving or taking a cab.

Prepare Mobile Workouts 

Bring a form of technology that allows access to great exercises. A laptop, tablet, smartphone, are all great options. Make sure to know and prepare the material before you leave for your trip. Making the information easy to access will make for a pleasant workout. Bookmark links to videos and import content to your devices.

Engage Your Mind 

Find a workout that makes you think. Because you may not have access to gym equipment, mobile workouts are often repetitive and get boring quick. Incorporating a workout like martial arts that includes a variety of combos, forms, strikes, blocks, kicks, improve both your mind and body.

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