Reinvent Yourself in 2015 with Martial Arts

Improve Health with Online Martial Arts

You have the potential to have your best year ever. If you could take better care of yourself in 2015, how would you do it?

Here are a three ways martial arts can reinvent you in 2015:

Improve Physical Health:                                                                                                   Martial Arts consists of both learning techniques and conditioning. Physical health is improved when you consistently practice your techniques. Martial Arts does not require a lot of gear. You can start with just you and your commitment to learn. Try switching up the routine by learning a variety of attacks and blocks. Higher Diagonal Strike, Knife Hand Strike, Side Strike, Knife Hand Block, Dropping Block, Thrusting Side Kick, and Side Kick Low are a few of the many options you can look into at

Improve Your Mind:                                                                                                   Martial Arts incorporates choreographed routines that require you to think. Your mind is constantly engaged because you are focusing on executing with correct form. Not only do you build memory by memorizing the routines, you are constantly thinking about how to execute them correctly with precision.

See this video of Rika Usami performing a Kata with perfect precision:

Build Character:                                                                                                                   Character defines an individual. If you have a strong character, you are resilient to obstacles and also understand that progress only comes with sacrifice. Many people abandon their new years goals because they are not willing to sacrifice the time and effort to take better care of themselves. Think about why you would like to change and how much better you life can be and what you are willing to sacrifice to have the best year ever!

Here is to 2015 being your best year yet!

Come visit us at to explore how our online martial arts program can help you to learn the fundamentals of martial arts from anywhere via our online martial arts platform.

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