Why Parents Love Online Martial Arts for Homeschool Physical Education

Homeschool Martial Arts

According to National Home Education Research Institute, there are about 2.2 million home educated students in the United States. That number is expected to grow by 2 – 8% annually. As more parents teach homeschool education, there will be more demand for ways to engage and develop homeschooled students.

Here are a few reasons why online martial arts is a great way to engage your homeschooled children:

Online Martial Arts as a Family Activity:
Martial Arts can involve all family members.  Often times parents cheer from the sideline to watch their children participate in sports. Martial Arts as a Homeschool Physical Education is a great way to bond with your children as it is something that everyone can participate in. It is also a great way for siblings to demonstrate leadership skills if you have more than one child learning together. The children that progress in their belt ranks quicker can help the lower-belt ranks.

Homeschool Physical Education All The Time
Unlike many other sports, martial arts can be learned year round.  Martial arts can be great as is, but is also great as an after school program or a great complement to existing sports. Online martial arts programs are accessible anywhere, saving you time any money without having to commute.

Customized Learning
Online Martial Arts develops  key skills like discipline, focus, and respect. A parent can identify key behaviors based on their children’s needs and customize the learning experience. For example, if you would like to develop focus, you can use a prop to direct the child to punch or kick a certain area repeatedly, or do a dodging drill game like the one below.

Online Martial Arts Dodging.png

IMA LogoAbout InternetMartialArts.com:

We promote physical wellness and mental wellbeing with the benefits of martial arts via our innovative e-learning system. InternetMartialArts.com integrates a comprehensive study program including an extensive library of videos, access to a mentor/sensei for feedback, and an online belt testing program. We aim to help our users to develop confidence, respect, and discipline through martial arts.

Book a complementary online tour today to learn about InternetMartialArts.com:

Eugene Cho

One thought on “Why Parents Love Online Martial Arts for Homeschool Physical Education

  1. […] Be a Part of the Development: There is often a difference between a child that learns martial arts online with their parents involvement and without. Much like school, the child that has a parent that is involved often excels. A teacher may send a weekly report on your child’s behavior, give a parent a call to give an update, and also meet with you to discuss specific incidents throughout the week. If you are unaware of these and don’t communicate with the instructor, development for children is challenging. A Martial Arts Online Program is much more effective with the involvement of the parents and requires an investment of time for your children. Take a look at this post on why parents like an online martial arts program: Why Parents Like A Martial Arts Online Program. […]


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