Learn Karate at Home By Yourself

IMG_7252.PNGLearning martial arts in a dojo is great but maybe you live a busy lifestyle or don’t live near a dojo. The advancement of technology makes learning karate by yourself possible!

Here are a few key features to look for in an effective karate at home program:

Personalized learning
Ask yourself what you need to effectively learn karate by yourself. Some people learn by reading while some learn by watching, and others learn by doing. As you look for online martial arts options, make sure it supports your ideal learning method. Additionally, what are the requirements? Do you need a DVD player? Internet? Computer? It is important to  train with a program where you can get feedback and improve, especially because you do not have the benefit of a nearby Sensei or instructor. A series of videos alone will not be helpful if you are practicing incorrectly. Look for a program that allows an instructor to see your form via webcam or recordings so you know how you can improve. 

The benefit of learning karate at home is that you can learn at your own pace. The challenge is the ability to stay focused. Make sure your program motivates you to hold yourself accountable. Many online martial arts programs require you to schedule touch bases with an instructor/Sensei.  It is great if the program fosters a community that allows you to connect with other martial artists to hold each other accountable and grow together. Many dojos require higher belt ranked students to mentor or assist lower belt students in order to advance. Big bonus if your karate at home program adopts a similar method of learning and teaching.

Belt Testing
Karate wouldn’t be karate without the ability to eventually become a Black Belt. Check to see if your karate at home program incorporates belt testing. Whether it be testing via webcam, or connecting with a local dojo, make sure the program allows you to progress in belt rankings!

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