Why Online Martial Arts Does Not Work!

Many will argue that Online Martial Arts training does not work.

A dojo training experience is ideal, but what about for those who do not have access to a dojo, or maybe do not have the time to train at one daily? I would like to argue that online martial arts can be a great alternative solution if you pick the right program.

Reasons Why Many Online Martial Arts Programs Do Not Work:

Too Much Focus On Working Out Rather Than Correct Technique:
If you search Online Martial Arts on Youtube you will see many workout videos. Martial Arts is a fantastic way to get exercise, but that is only half of an effective martial arts program. You cannot get a black belt with conditioning alone. You need correct technique and a structured program! Unfortunately, correct technique is difficult to learn when you don’t have anyone in-person to assist you. An effective online martial arts program should allow you to connect with an instructor and get feedback for your progress. Many online martial arts programs incorporate online belt testing that requires you to record yourself using a webcam or smartphone/tablet camera. This is a key feature that should be in an effective martial arts program!

Not Enough Structure:
Martial Arts requires a lot of time and effort. You can only go so far watching a series of DVDs. A typical dojo experience requires you to learn and complete a series of steps to progress in belt rankings. For example, you have to learn fundamentals, assist new students, and take a written and physical test. When training martial arts online, look for a program that brings all elements of a dojo experience. Typically a training website or App is helpful as it will allow you to train from anywhere you have internet access. Key features like time tracking, ability to interact with an instructor or students can make a drastic difference! There should be a series of events that need to be completed before progressing.

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Eugene Cho

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