Tips for Learning Karate at Home

Use Your Karate at Home Resources

What props do you have to enhance your karate at home experience? Practice correct technique by starting off slow and building up speed when you know your executing correctly. Use a chair or wall for assistance. Buy a punching bag or use a firm pillow to practice your strikes, punches, and kicks!


Turn your Home into a Karate Dojo!
Get a large mirror so you can see yourself when practicing karate at home. This will help you to correct yourself. You can also record yourself using a webcam or smartphone camera if you do not have a large mirror. Reviewing your recording will help you to identify what you are doing wrong.

If you are learning from an online karate program, find ways to connect your technology to your large tv screen. Now days you can use something like Google Chromecast or Apple TV to wirelessly mirror what’s on your mobile devices onto the big screen. You can likely buy an adapter from your local technology store to connect the device directly into your TV via the HDMI port as well!

Prevent Injury by Warming Up!
The last thing you want to do is injury yourself while practicing karate at home! Karate develops both the body and mind, so it is important to prepare both. Make sure you warm up by taking at least 15 minutes to prepare your mind and body.

Start with Seiza to prepare your mind. Sit on your knees and close your eyes in complete silence for 2 minutes. Do this before and after practicing karate at home.



Begin Preparing your Body!

Run in place for 3 minutes
Jumping Jacks for 3 minutes
20 – 30 push ups
30-40 sit-ups

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