Learn Karate Online: Important Questions to Ask Before Starting

If you have ever learned anything online there are pros and cons. The benefit of learning from anywhere and anytime is great, but requires motivation.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide to learn karate online:

Why am I learning karate online?
You should be inspired and motivated and willing to be consistent. The journey to black belt is never easy and will be even harder when training online. What is your motivation and does your inspiration tap into your core wants and needs rather than temporary needs? Are you someone who seeks to develop mentally and physically at all times?  Is it feasible to set aside time in your busy schedule to learn? Do you appreciate all aspects of martial arts or just what you see in action movies?


What would you like to get out of learning karate online?
Some people join because they admire the art, some enjoy the health benefits, while others train to obtain the pride of getting a black belt. Depending on what you want, it is important to find a online martial arts program that is specific to your needs.

  • The Art of Martial Arts
    If you admire the art of martial arts, look for a program that teaches you katas and forms. These are choreographed routines that focus on correct technique.
  • Health Benefits
    Prioritizing health will require a program that promotes mental and physical wellness. Look for an online karate program that features drills and exercises that will get you sweating. It should also include exercises that allow you to exercise focus and discipline.
  • Black Belt
    If you want to work towards  a black belt, make sure your online karate program incorporates belt testing. Many programs now days include a series of dvds but no way of moving up in belt ranks. Some online martial arts programs even allow a belt testing program that will allow you to test whenever you are ready using your webcam or smart phone camera. This is a nice feature if you are looking to move up in ranks as soon as possible.


IMA LogoAbout InternetMartialArts.com:

We promote physical wellness and mental wellbeing with the benefits of martial arts via our innovative e-learning system. InternetMartialArts.com integrates a comprehensive study program including an extensive library of videos, access to a mentor/sensei for feedback, and an online belt testing program. We aim to help our users to develop confidence, respect, and discipline through martial arts

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Eugene Cho

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