Online Martial Arts Training Checklist

Online Martial Arts Training Checklist


Online Martial Arts Training Checklist

Learning with online martial arts training can be challenging since you may not have an instructor present to assist you. Setting up the technology, ensuring the training is legitimate, and getting feedback to learn correctly are a few questions people have about online martial arts training.  In this post I will provide a checklist to help set you up for success when training martial arts online.

Here are a few things to prepare when training with online martial arts:

  • Large Mirror to see yourself while practicing.
  • Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet to watch curriculum online. Note: Some online martial arts training programs will send you dvd via mail.
  • A way to connect technology to a larger TV for enhanced learning experience. HDMI is one way to connect to a tv. Smartphone and tablets will likely require an HDMI adapter, while new computers typically come with HDMI built in and just require an HDMI cable.
  • Water, Towel, and Martial Arts uniform.
  • Make sure your training program includes belt testing to confirm its legitimacy! A key part of martial arts is self development. Striving to earn your next belt is part of the journey. Most online martial arts training programs allow you to use your webcam to test for your belt.
  • An open mind to try something new!Online_Martial_Arts_CurriculumAn example curriculum could include Fundamentals, Katas, and Combos.



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