Learn Karate for Free with a Corporate Wellness Program

Many companies offer a corporate wellness program. A corporate wellness program allows for your job to pay for memberships and services associated with maintaining well being. Did you know that you may be able to learn karate for free, or at a lower cost with a corporate wellness program?

Typically you can reach out to the Human Resources department to see if you can get fitness reimbursement for your karate classes. Not only are gym memberships covered, you may even qualify to get reimbursed for programs geared towers learning and exercising at home!

See below for details on InternetMartialArts.com. Our innovative online martial arts program that allows you to learn karate at home, and is covered by many corporate wellness programs!

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We promote physical wellness and mental wellbeing with the benefits of martial arts via our innovative e-learning system. InternetMartialArts.com integrates a comprehensive study program including an extensive library of videos, access to a mentor/sensei for feedback, and an online belt testing program. We aim to help our users to develop confidence, respect, and discipline through martial arts.

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Eugene Cho